Call Center CRM App

Call Center CRM is an application that provides a means for you contact all your perspective leads whenever you need (walk out of the conference into the hallway and start calling, no need pull out your lead sheet for the numbers). The app provides a means for you to easily import your leads; if you are an Aflac© agent or you utilize Salesgene© importing is even quicker. As long as your import is in CSV (comma-separated values) format it can be imported; your spreadsheet program has this option.

Once you have completed your call the app displays a form with nothing but buttons so you can quickly log the call (busy, voice mail, wrong number, etc.). For answered calls, another form is opened where you can add notes, pick call results, update contact info, and more. All notes and results are kept so can view them at any time, or see them when you export the campaign.

The app normally calls prospects in the order in which they are in the import list, but the app also provides a way for you to locate and call a specific prospect at any time.

Call Center CRM also provides a means for you to email or text your prospects. A default email and text template has been provided, but you have the ability to add as many templates as you want or need. Additionally, you may add as many call results as required; these results are shown in a dropdown on the answered phone form.

If you are doing a lot of door-to-door prospecting, the Foot Tracker module will be beneficial. This module provides a quick way of counting the doors you enter, the decision makers you talk to, and the appointments you make. The form uses big buttons so you can easily increment your count. And if you make a mistake, it has the ability to subtract amounts as well. Normally when walking door-to-door you don’t have much time to do a lot of data entry, but if you need to enter a prospect the form will call the other forms that handle campaign and prospect entry.

The app comes with two manuals that can be accessed via the main menu. The Quick Start manual is designed to get you using the application quickly, whereas the main Help manual details the complete operation of the application.

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