Remember carrying photos of your family in your wallet or purse. Most photos are now located on the phone, but it can take lots of time sorting through them to see the ones you love.

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Family Pictures makes it easy to have your loved ones viewable and quickly accessible. Besides that you can have it load whenever your phone is turned on or unlocked.

Family Pictures provides a means for you to tag your most favorite pictures so that you can view them without always having to sift through hundreds of pictures to see them. Once your pictures have been selected, Family Pictures run a slideshow displaying your pictures at speeds you select. Load a few to remember your loved ones, or load as many as you like.

Family Pictures does not copy photos from your phone, but it saves each picture’s location which saves space. The first picture in the list is reserved for your spouse or favorite loved one. Family Pictures provides a means for that picture to be delayed longer than the rest of the slides, giving you a longer look at your loved one.

Family Pictures provides a means for you to rearrange the pictures you have selected, so you can easily add them to the list, rearranging them later. You can easily close the application so you can continue doing what you wanted, yet it is quickly available for viewing.

Parents and grandparents, load the application up with your favorite shots of the kids and easily show then to your friends at the restaurant.

NOTE: Family Pictures only displays pictures saved on your phone, not the cloud.

FamilyPictures QR CodeScan this code to go directly to the Play Store, or click this link Family Pictures


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ScoreKeeper Deluxe was designed to remove the need to keep score on paper. When playing your favorite board games you normally need to get a paper and pencil to keep track of the players’ scores. Instead of getting that paper and pencil and finally having to count up the total to see who won, ScoreKeeper Deluxe can do that for you. At any time throughout the game you can view your scores by turn; this is helpful if you thought you either left out a score or made a mistake.

Use ScoreKeeper Deluxe to keep track of one or many board games simultaneously (you can stop a game and start a new one; the app keeps track of the other games turn and points).

Get rid of the pencil and start using Scorekeeper Deluxe to keep score.

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Superior Tip Calculator II is a more than just a tip calculator, it also manages 'Group Tabs'. Group tabs are the tab or bill you receive from a restaurant or bar for parties of 4 or more.

The tip calculator provides a means for you to easily compute the tip based on the receipt total or subtotal.

The Group Tab feature provides a means for you to determine how much each person in your party owes against the final bill. Each person can easily and quickly enter in their menu selections (Beverage, Appetizer, Soup/Salad, Entrée, and Dessert) with price. Each person can see an itemized listing of their order totaling price, with their portion of tip, and tax.

The group list/entry form displays all members of the party, again displaying their individual subtotal, tip, tax, and total. All entries can be entered before and during the meal, or service. Initial tax and tip rates are defaulted based on your preferences. Once the bill comes, you can enter the receipt subtotal, tip total, and tax total; now you can view the group list/entry form to see the final figures. Each invididuals totals will be recomputed against the final tab ultilizing the tip and tax rate from the bill. At this point all you need to do is collect the funds from all the individuals in the party.

Superiod Tip Calculator II is a free application on the Android Market. A paid version also exists which removes that removes the ads and the 2 person limit on the group tab. The paid version is currently available for only $1.99.


Superior Tip Calculator II  QR Code Scan this code to go directly to the Play Store, or click this link Superior Tip Calculator II


We now are offering two different versions on the Bomb Code Defuser Game, the numerical version featured directly below, and the Code Defuser Words version located below the QR codes below.  The Words version as the description implies uses words instead of numerals.




This is a timed memory game where the object is to defuse the bombs by finding the listed code within the grid before the time expires.

The bomb has several fuses; the number varies depending on the level of play. The fuses must be disarmed from left to right; the active fuse is red. Press each square on the board to uncover the code, pressing another square uncovers that code and covers the previous code. Remember where the codes are. When you have uncovered a code that matches the code on the fuse, press the ‘Lock’ button to defuse that fuse as decoded. When all the fuses have been defused, the bomb is defused and you have won that level.

As the levels increase so do the amount of cells to a maximum of 60. The difficulty also increases as the number of digits you must remember also increases.

Your score is based on how much time is left on the clock when the bomb is defused. Your total is added to whatever your previous total was, as long as you win the level.

This game will really test your memory as well as you strategy (the method you use to find the codes).

You can share you experience with your Facebook friends with the ‘Brag’ button.


Scan this QR Code for the free version or click this link:Bomb Code Defuser Free



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Below is the new Code Defuser Words game.  It uses runs the same way as Bomb Code Defuser except that it uses words instead of numerals.

Code Defuser Words



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